Have you ever wondered why some relationships are a seamless collaboration of love and happiness whilst others just leave you confused and stuck? Why are some people so easy to get along with and others are living on a different planet?

The answer is simpler than you think, and it has a lot to do with the alignment of the stars and what element they fall under.


All 12 signs are separated under 4 elements. Earth, Water, fire and air. And although all star signs are unique, there are some shared common traits amongst the elements they fall under. Consider a flowing river and combine it with a roaring fire. Some elements do work much better together than others, but that is not to say that fire and water cannot complement each other very well, but it is contingent on you understanding the nature of the element and working with, not against it. For example, flame can be tamed, increased or exploded, depending on the material you throw into it. It’s the same for our personalities. Love is available for all of us regardless of our sign, as long as we stay true to our elements and allow others to flourish in theirs. 


But that’s not all, there are also 3 modalities, Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable. Like the elements, the signs are divided into each category and each have their own way of interacting with the world. This makes relationships complex, unique and beautiful, the key is understanding how to relate to one-another and navigate each others needs.

Choose your element

The astrological meaning behind the elements are very helpful for interpreting probabilistic personality indicators. Understanding our elements can help us to understand ourselves and our partners, giving a rounded relationship perspective. Click on the element that corresponds with your star sign below to get an insight into the probable traits of your personality.

Fire cainer element

Aries Leo Sagittarius

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Life with a fire sign

Excitable, passionate and wildly exciting, the fire signs will keep you running across hot coals! The fire has a temper that burns hot when ignited, but will quickly burn out. Ambitious, headstrong and impeccable instinct, the fire sign knows what it wants and can easily set others alight with their sparks. Resilient and feisty, it is hard to dampen the fire’s flame, they love a challenge and will pursue you to the end. Passionate and loyal with a burning love, life with a fire sign will never be dull.
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air cainer horoscope

Gemini Libra Aquarius

Life with an Air sign

The ubiquitous nature of air is that it is involved in everything. The air signs are deep thinkers who just can’t help but get involved in every philosophical debate, discussion and argument. Though they like to argue, it is often just a load of hot air, with their playful nature always winning you round. Similar to the wind, they can change their direction from one minute to the next creating a whirlwind of confusion. Air signs can be fickle like a calm before the storm, and whilst you might find you have to adjust your sails to meet the ever changing direction of the wind, their love will sweep you off your feet.
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water cainer horoscope

Cancer Scorpio Pisces

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Life with a water sign

No-one knows magic and mystery like the water signs. Water is one of the most powerful life forces there is, and these signs are some of the most intuitive, sensitive and empathic personalities you will find. The water signs will always go where they want to go, their big emotions that they try to hide can start as a little trickle and develop into rushing waterfalls of compassion for their fellow beings. Water-signs, by their nature, are family orientated with big hearts that seek out meaningful relationships. Just as is the nature of waterfall and tidal waves, a water sign can take you on a rollercoaster of emotion, but once they settle down it is a crystal clear lake of heavenly bliss. If you are looking for love as deep as the ocean, you’re in the right place.
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cainer horoscop earth

Taurus Virgo Capricorn

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Life with an Earth sign

Earth signs are some of the most grounded, protective and safe people to have in our lives. They are practical, impeccable and true to their character. You will not find an earth sign easily convinced of something that they don’t agree with. Although the earth signs tend to be very strong, they can occasionally crumble like a big cliff into the sea if they are pressured too much. Earth signs tend to have a high taste for earthly things such as beautiful surroundings and quality products. A strong willed earth sign takes their time to commit, they do not make rash decisions with their heart but allow their head to take the lead. Once you connect with an earth sign, commitment, dedication and love runs deep to the core.
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pick your element matches

Choose your element and you partner’s element to get an overview on the way you relate and communicate to each other.

pick A sun sign for a deeper insight into love and compatibility

Now that you’ve read and understood your element tendencies, would you like a deeper overview of how the sun sun signs affect relationships? Click on one of the signs below for an overview on love and compatibility for individual sun signs.

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